Dear all,
this post was created as the ELT Technical Supervision Board is really honoured and proud of the outstanding achievement in the
State-wide “Best Project Competition”

that was conducted by ELT General Supervision.
Thus, we find it a must to express our sincere gratitude to



A – 1st Place Winners (Al-Ikhlas Private School for Girls)

1) Habiba Al-Sayed

2) Khadija Musaed 

3) Fatma Al-Zahra’a

4) Fatma Saleh


B – 2nd Place Winners (Al-Wataniya Private School for Boys)

1) Abdel-Aziz Mufeed

2) Ayman Nader

Hussain Ali

4) Khalifa Thamer

C – All winners’ parents, for their great support


D – All winners’ teachers and trainers, for their sincere and professional efforts

1) MRS. SAMERA ABU-JALALAH (Al-Ikhlas Private School / ELT HOD)

2) MRS. NESRIEN ABDEL-HAKAM (Al-Ikhlas Private School / Teacher & Trainer)

3) MR. MOHAMED JABER (Al-Wataniya Private School / ELT HOD)

4) MR. MOHAMED IBRAHIM (Al-Wataniya Private School / ELT Teacher & Trainer)

5) MR. WAEL AL-MANDOUH (Al-Wataniya Private School / ELT Trainer)

6) MR. IBRAHIM SHABANA – Certificate Of Appreciation – senior (Al-Wataniya Private School / ELT Trainer)

E – Al-Iklas and Al-Wataniya Private Schools’ administration boards, for their unique support

1) MRS. SAMIRA AL-KANDARI (Al-Ikhlas Private School / Intermediate Stage Manager)

2) MRS. INTESAR MAL-ALLAH (Al-Ikhlas Private School / Intermediate Stage Assistant Manager)

3) MR. HAIDAR AL-QALLAF (Al-Wataniya Private School / Intermediate Stage Manager)

4) MR. ABDEL-NASSER AL-DREAA (Al-Wataniya Private School / Intermediate Stage Assistant Manager)

5) MR. MOHAMED OUDA (Al-Wataniya Private School / General Assistant Manager)



By clicking on the names, you can download your deserved appreciation e-certifecates. Please, enjoy what you deserve!

BEST WISHES 2004201616413619064-SmileIcon



Appreciation e-card (1)


36fbba_0346463158b54386bb5a8c246f150d36For all ELT. departments and schools administration boards (End of 1st period results and statistics 08/01/2018) – Please, deliver to your school administration board.



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