Board Members

ELT. Supervision Board

1. Mrs. Wafa Al-Jeraiwi (Acting Senior Supervisor)

       2. Mr. Mamdouh Al-Sheikh


3. Mr. Osama Jabr

4. Dr. Mohamed Al-Sheikh

5. Mrs. Abir Saad Ahmed

6. Mrs. Sahar Soliman

7. Mr. Mohamed Abu-Zeid

8. Mrs. Owaida Al-Saadi

9. Ms. Rasha Al-Nakkas

10. Ms. Mayada Mreish


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  1. Thanks a lot for your efforts, we hope to co-operate together to reach success. We work in one team, god be with us.

  2. Thanks for that excellent work. I hope that great step make us integrate to raise the standard of our students.

  3. Really it’s a wonderful achievement that deserved to be respected & appreciated. May God help you to support us & we in turn support our students.

  4. Thanks very much for your efforts ,but i wish you make courses for the new teachers before the meeting

  5. Thanks for your great efforts. You are all great people with great minds and visions for a future full of a hope and hard work to achieve the country goals .
    What masterpieces you are .

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