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Dear all : These books and references are categorized according to your needs… Just click on the book.   

A: Teaching English As A Foreign Language
1Teaching English as a Foreign Language-4
2Teaching English as a Foreign Language_ 5
3Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language
4Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (2)
6Teaching ESL EFL Reading and Writing
7Teaching pragmatics in English as a Foreign Language
8Teaching Readers of English
9Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach
10Teaching English studies through blended earning
11Thirty Years of Teaching English
12Towards Reflective Teaching
13Good Habits for Great Coding_ Improving Programming Skills with Examples
14Teaching English as a Foreign Language (3)
15Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
16Teaching English as a Foreign Language -1 (2)
17Teaching English As a Foreign Language -1
18Teaching English as a Foreign Language -2
19Teaching English as a Foreign Language -3
20Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies
21TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Proposals for the language classroom
22Teaching and Learning English2
23Teaching Approaches
24Teaching by Principles_ An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy
25Learn to Program with C_
26Learning teaching 2nd Edition
27Learning teaching 3rd edition
28Learning Teaching_ The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching
29Learning to lead
30Learning to Teach in the Primary 2nd Edition
31How Your Child Learns Best
32Hundred and one ideas for teaching
33Ideas for teaching
34IELTS Advantage_ Reading Skills
35English as a foreign language -6
36English for Everyone_ Level 4_ Advanced, Course Book_ A Complete Self-Study Program
37English for Today
38English Language Teaching Today_ Linking Theory and Practice
39English Teaching Resources Phrasal Verbs Pre Inter Advanced
40Explaining Reading, Second Edition
41Five Factors for Effective Teaching
42A guide to teaching English
43Am I teaching well
44Language Teaching Methods
45Learn More Study Less
46Making Sense_ Small-Group Comprehension Lessons For English Language Learners
47Parenting with presence _ practices for raising conscious, confident, caring kids
48Blended Learning in English Language Teaching
49Blended learning in English Language Teaching (2)
50Classroom Management Strategies for Teaching
51Current approaches and teaching methods
53Getting into Teacher Training November
54Help Children Build Alphabet Recognition and Letter Formation Skills
B: Teaching The Writing Skill
1Writing Better English for ESL Learners
2Writing Critical Review guidance
3Writing Arguments_ A Rhetoric with Readings (10th Edition)
4Writing Learn to Write Better Academic Essays
5The Teaching of Writing to English Language Learners
6Teaching Analytical Writing through Rubrics
7The Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizers
8Super-Fun Reading & Writing Skill Builders
9Fifty Engaging Writing Activities with Graphic Organizers
10How to Teach Writing
11How to write great essays
12Introduction to Academic Writing, Second Edition
13Fifty Engaging Writing Activities with Graphic Organizers
C: Teaching The Reading Skill
1Teaching Word Meanings (Literacy Teaching)
2A Close Look at Close Reading_ Teaching Students to Analyze Complex Texts
3Teaching reading comprehension strategies 1
4Teaching Reading Comprehension_ A handbook
5Teaching the Brain to Read_ Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension
6Teach Your Kids To Code Teach Your Kids to Code
7Developing Reading Skills_ A Practical Guide to Reading Comprehension
8Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners
9Reading With Meaning_ Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades
10Super-Fun Reading & Writing Skill Builders
11Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Student’s Edition Grade 5
12Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Student’s Edition Grade 6
13Building Reading Comprehension Habits
D: Dictionaries
1Most Common Grammar Errors
2Prefixes and Suffixes_ Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension
3Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs
4Macmillan English grammar in context
5Common mistakes in English
6Common Errors in English
E: Teaching Grammar
1Teaching English Grammar – 2
2Grammar : English Grammar A University Course
3Grammar: Fundamentals of English grammar 3rd
4Grammar: Guide to English Grammar
5Grammar: Longman English for intermediate students
6Grammar :Longman student grammar of spoken and written English
7Practical English grammar
8Oxford Practice Grammar
9Grammar Practice book
10Big grammar book
11English for Everyone_ English Grammar Guide.
12How To Teach Grammar
F: Grammar References
1English Grammar Master in 30Days
2Advanced Grammar in Use 3rd Edition
3English Grammar A University Course
4English grammar secrets
5Free English Grammar
6Basic English Grammar
G: Teaching Vocabulary
1The Vocabulary Builder Workbook
2Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Student’s Edition Grade 5
3Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success Student’s Edition Grade 6
4Fun English For Kids_ How to teach English to very young children
H: Teaching Listening & Speaking
1Teaching ESL EFL Listening and Speaking
2Fun English For Kids_ How to teach English to very young children

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